B/W – A Picnic Affair

Last Saturday, we had such a memorable picnic with our colleagues and also to reunite with our ex boss. It was very lovely of everyone as each and every one who came took the effort to cook or to bring food for everyone. There were abundance of food left at the end of the day. It was quite a bitter sweet event as Rebecca will be going back to her hometown and we also would not know when we would be able to hold such an event again.

We appreciate the friends that we made as these are the friends that we could rely on especially in this crucial moment going on in Alsco. We might never know when it would be the last that we see each other. “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out” as quoted by Heidi Klum in Project Runway.

Here are the photos we took in B/W:



Ao Nang, Krabi

Last year, in October we went to Ao Nang, Krabi to celebrate Rzk’s birthday. We want to go to place where we can just relax and unwind which at the same time does not cost a bomb on our budget. Thus, we chose Ao Nang, Krabi. The tickets we managed to get from Skyscanner at a very affordable price which is about SGD$100++ per person. As for the hotel, Syu initially wanted to get Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort where it’s overlooking the Andaman Sea but sadly it was fully booked during that period and we settled for Vogue Resort & Spa, Ao Nang which only cost us about SGD$500++. We were glad that we chose that as we were still able to see the Andaman Sea right from our hotel room’s balcony. Overall, Ao Nang was great for us. The delicious foods, great scenery,  friendly people and breath-taking islands around it.

Here are the few photos that we took while we’re in Krabi:

DSC_0039Our hotel room’s balcony where you could clearly see the Andaman Sea.
DSC_0052Rzk having his morning smoke before breakfast.
DSC_0054More hotels building up around the area.
DSC_0062Breakfast: The most important meal of the day.
DSC_0064Surrounded with nature.
DSC_0083Our hotel from outside and the dark clouds.
DSC_0071The streets of Ao Nang, Krabi.
DSC_0075Friendly staffs from Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort which is just beside Vogue Resort & Spa.
DSC_0076Hi, meet Krabi (we named him Krabi).
DSC_0078Rzk and Krabi walking together.
DSC_0080Getting some love.
DSC_0049 (2)Not as delicious as in Singapore but still edible.
DSC_0054 (2)We would love to go back for this.
DSC_0059 (2)Blurry night
DSC_0059One with nature.
DSC_0060Walking distance to all these.
DSC_0099By the pool.
DSC_0112Delicious and cheap foods.
DSC_0113Sylvester enjoying its nap time on the table.
DSC_0140Favourite street stall.
DSC_0145Syu got darker.
DSC_0165When two oceans meet in the middle.
DSC_0180Loving the clear water.
DSC_0196Dark clouds again.
DSC_0239Rzk feeling hungry.
DSC_0244Satisfied af.
DSC_0259Not your typical laundry services.
DSC_0262Street directory.
DSC_0269Rebel 8.
DSC_0271Nicer day.
DSC_0278We had our spa here!
DSC_0279Cable lines everywhere.
DSC_0281Peaceful and calm.
DSC_0291Halal food everywhere.
DSC_0296Buying some souvenirs to bring back.